Why a Botanic Garden in a veterinary school?
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In the 18th century, when the Maisons-Alfort Veterinary School was founded, a group of men decided to teach animal medicine.

At that time, animal medicine included a range of subjects such as: reproduction, rearing, nutrition, anatomy and chemistry. Another aspect was the study and growing of medicinal and useful plants.

Almost 95% of the remedies were made from indigenous or exotic plants in addition to a few minerals.

Thus the requirement for a medicinal and botanic garden was paramount.

Today, in France, it is possible to find a botanic garden in almost every French veterinary school, and faculties of pharmacy and medicine.

This type of garden allows students to familiarise themselves with forage, toxic and medicinal plants, which they learn more about during nutrition and pharmacy lectures.

Translation: Emmanuel SPICQ
Daniel SLACK




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